What is the procedure for paying the tourist tax for travel to Bonaire?

When planning a trip to Bonaire, there are a number of aspects to consider, not least the tourist tax. This tax, recently introduced, is compulsory for all international travelers to the island. Nevertheless, payment of this tax can seem complex for some tourists, and can sometimes delay their trip. In this article, we will explain the procedure for paying the tourist tax in Bonaire in a clear and detailed manner.

What is the tourist tax on Bonaire?

The introduction of a tourist tax on Bonaire is intended to support the island’s development by allocating funds to various areas. Unlike previous taxes such as the car rental tax and the room tax, the tourist tax is applicable to all non-resident travelers to the island. This new tax is a way of managing the impact of tourism while promoting Bonaire as a welcoming tourist destination.
The Bonaire entry tax applies to all foreign travelers visiting the island for tourism, leisure, health, business or education purposes. This includes transit passengers and cruise passengers. Bonaire residents and certain travelers benefiting from specific exemptions are, however, excluded from this tax. It’s important to note that the tourist tax is valid for the entire duration of your stay on Bonaire, and each visitor who has paid the tax will receive a personal QR code to present on arrival at the island.

How do I pay the Bonaire tourist tax?

Paying tourist tax online is one of the most convenient options for travelers to Bonaire. All you need to do is access the official tax payment website and complete the online questionnaire. You can add your family members or travel group. Then select the payment method of your choice, and make the payment by following the instructions provided on the secure site.
Once payment has been successfully completed, you will receive your personal QR code and payment receipt by e-mail. It’s a good idea to download and print these documents, so you have them to hand when you travel to Bonaire.
If you prefer to pay the tourist tax on arrival in Bonaire, you can do so at the payment kiosks located at the island’s ports of entry. Here’s how to pay on arrival. Go to the kiosk and follow the instructions given by the staff there. Once payment has been made, you’ll receive a personal QR code and a receipt of payment to keep during your stay on Bonaire.

How can I make the Bonaire tax payment process easier?

To make the process of paying Bonaire tourist tax easier and more hassle-free, there are a few practical tips to know. The first is to pay in advance. In fact, it’s recommended that you pay your tourist tax in advance, at least one week before your trip to Bonaire. This will enable you to avoid queues on arrival and start your stay with peace of mind. 
The second is to check the requirements. Before you leave, make sure you know what documents and information you need to pay the tourist tax. Check specific requirements according to your country of origin and the purpose of your trip. 
Finally, contact customer service if you have any problems. If you encounter any difficulties during the online payment process or on arrival, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated customer service team. They will be able to help you, answer your questions and resolve any problems.