The best of computers

Today’s world is made so that as long as you’re not on social networks, you’re considered unplugged. But can you be on social media without a laptop? Are all laptops good?

The characteristics of a good laptop computer?

In the digital world, there is an array of different types of computers. By going to an important source She will tell you that there are indelible desktop computers and others that are transportable that we affectionately call portable. But there are computers that are only of poor quality, which does not offer a certain guarantee to the user. But to know a good computer, there are several criteria to recognize it. Firstly we have the RAM, in the sense that it is what allows you to see the speed of your computer. We cannot compare a computer with 8 rams to a computer with 1 ram, a computer with 8 rams would be ultra fast and would give the user more speed. Also, the second criterion is the hard drive. One will have to be reassured about the intrinsic capacity of the hard drive before buying their computer.

The disadvantages of a poor quality computer

When you opt to buy a bad computer, you are faced with several problems. Your computer will have viruses, be terribly slow, and have poor battery life. You may spend hours opening a file, not only do you waste time but you may also lose the files at any time. Your hard drive can fail you at any time. Also, your laptop will not allow you to have a reliable update. Your pc may damage the ram and the hard drive when the operating system is not the right one. You will have to check all these parameters before committing to it.