Researchers attest to the future world in 2050.

We all once thought, thought of how will be our future or our future, what we will be or what we will do in the following years. Certainly, had we thought or imagined once of how will be our world in 40 years? Based on research and the evolution of new technology, scholars have estimated what the world of 2050 will hold for us. The following article will give you more certainty about the world of 2050.

The Nation

Today’s world has more than 7.5 billion residents. According to reports, Americans prove that by 2059, the inhabitants will be of a number of 9.8 billion populations. Today, the list of the most crowded countries is dominated by China and, in second place, India, a continent that is considered to surpass China in a few decades. On the other hand, the African continent has a higher rate of development than that of Europe and that it is estimated, contribute to 50% of world demographic expansion in 2050.

The discernment of the brain

The Spanish neurobiologist Rafael Yuste believes that will participate before long in a revolt that will change the human condition since within a few years the code of the brain will be completely deciphered. This would prove the functioning of the brain, where many neurons roll and connect with each other, to reveal the essence of man and to discern more precisely his ideas and everything that he undertakes in his mind. This will allow those with brain problems to increase their mental capacity. Such technological developments could be crucial for the following years, merged with gene editing, computer science and artificial intelligence.


Technology has already evolved in the robotics sector. In the way, we see it, there are machines published by the Chinese that will be able to perform certain activities such as opening bottles with the hand, moving fingers and others. This is likely due to the imitation of the movements made by the manipulators.