How to manage call center agents remotely?

During the lockdown, many companies, in order to stay in touch with their customers and satisfy their needs, have opted for telecommuting. The same is true for call centers that make calls from home. This option is a source of stress for some regarding team management. In this article, find out how to manage your remote call center agents.

Do a reassessment

The first thing you need to do to manage your team well is to reevaluate their role, which will get them more engaged. This is the best call center solution for success. It is important to note that managing a remote team is not easy. To achieve this, start by valuing their work and allowing them to take breaks if necessary. You can also organize weekly team meetings or Zoom meetings with all remote team members. This meeting will greatly motivate them to work. It is important that they do not feel pressured because the agent is already going through a professional change, which can be stressful for others. Basically, the best way to get them to do better is to be caring.

A communication policy

You can allow for personalized follow-up while creating a remote communication policy. Many don’t know this, but it’s the most crucial aspect of managing your agents remotely. Indeed, the communication policy will allow you to get regular interaction. For example, systematically organize virtual meetings through a video conferencing software. The meeting must be lively. While being slightly flexible, you should focus on expectations and especially on customer satisfaction. To obtain a better result, you must also provide the necessary tools for the work to facilitate their task. 

From all this, we can remember that to manage call center agents well, it is better not to be too rigid. You can remain professional while motivating them and making sure they work.