How to make love to a man ?

Many women today wonder how to take care of their man sexually, because often it is the man who takes the lead. In this article, you’ll get details on a few things you can do to make your man experience great sensations. Follow the guide to learn more. 

Listen to His Desires 

To satisfy your man, what better than to do what he likes and what he is sensitive to, to achieve this, you will have to ask him during your naughty sessions or by trying some new things. You can be inspired by the call girls in athens greece, if you want. Be attentive to his every feeling and reaction. 

This way, you will know what he is sensitive to. Stroke him all over, don’t just focus on his genitals, because that spoils the fun a bit. Explore his whole body, put your hands in his hair and make little circles on his chest and linger on his chest and nipples. 

Suck on them and don’t hesitate to use your tongue to give her the shivers. Also explore the erogenous zone on your partner’s neck. Blow on her neck, whisper sweet nothings in her ears. 

Give her lots of kisses and then suddenly move down to her belly button and make little circles with your finger. If you want, you can also put your tongue in. Now you can go even lower to give him a great pleasure. 

Be Creative and Dare 

If you really want to make an impression every time you have sex with your partner, be borderline kinky, because men love that. Take the lead, and set your pace, do some really daring things to him and be the master of the game, men don’t often say it, but they love to see you take the lead too. 

Basically, act like a man and give him a great time. Also, make sure you moan appropriately when he gropes you, it will make him feel like he’s doing his job right. To please your man properly, take the lead and do everything he likes.