How to avoid pregnancies?

Pregnancies are signs that a person is carrying a fetus in her womb. Indeed, for women who want to have sex and not get pregnant, there are easier methods for them to enjoy with their partner. So how to avoid pregnancy.

What is a pregnancy?

Pregnancy is the term used when a woman carries a fetus that grows inside her. Pregnancy in humans lasts about 40 weeks, or about 9 months, from the last menstrual period to the birth of the child. You can become pregnant when you have a close sexual relationship with someone.

It presents itself in the beginning with ligament pains related to the increase in the volume of the uterus. This is most often a twinge and is common in early pregnancy. They can resemble period pains. But for all people interested in not falling fat can practice the safer ways.

How to avoid pregnancy?

It is very simple to avoid pregnancy but very careful. We suggest some methods. So you should :

– avoid having sexual intercourse when you are in period

– protect yourself by using male condoms

– put implants under the skin

– place an IUD or intrauterine device

– use a contraceptive vaginal ring.

Natural contraception can be as simple as listening to your body. The variations of time, the texture of the cervical mucus, breastfeeding. So many biological means exist to avoid getting pregnant without using artificial means.

It is also necessary to make calculations of the sexual cycle: If you have a cycle of a duration of 21 days for example: ovulation takes place on the 7th day from the first day of the period. The calculation is made by deducting 14 days, the duration of the luteal phase which does not vary, from the number of days in the cycle: 21 – 14 = 7. You can also take medication some time before intercourse. As NORLEVO will only prevent pregnancy if you take it within 72 hours of unprotected sex. Some medicines will not help you avoid pregnancy if you have already had sex. So the best thing to do is to protect yourself first.